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Before I made betting my full time income, I was working a 40 hour week for peanuts. Now I make around £15,000 each month from doing nothing more than placing a few bets on my smart phone. And that task is usually taken care of before the kettle’s boiled in the morning. Then I have the rest of the day to do with what I like.

It’s hard to look back now and remember the days of getting up early, putting on a smart shirt, sitting in rush hour traffic and then drinking shit coffee all day as I stared at a computer screen.

Now I spend my days playing golf, seeing friends, taking luxury vacations and spending quality time with my family.

And if you do the smart thing today, you too will very soon be walking away from the 9 to 5 for a better life.

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When you join Race Formula 88 you’ll receive premium horse racing selections straight to your inbox each and every day. From there all you have to do is get those bets placed on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or, if you’re old school – nothing wrong with that – place those bets at your local bookies.

Then prepare jump in the air and spill your pint as your horse comes in first again and again and again.

At Race Formula 88 we don’t just make you money, we make you feel ‘a million bucks’!

What they say...

“I had no idea that making huge profits from betting could be so simple. But with an 88% strike rate, you can’t go wrong! I’ve been banking huge daily winning ever since I signed up to this service a few months ago and quite honestly I’m over the moon!”

Paul Stevenson, Grimsby.

“I’ve been betting with the Race Formula 88 method since I lost my job three months ago and since then I’ve made £48,992! I wouldn’t have made that in two years at my regular job. This service has completely changed my life.”

Mary Trevor, Hull.

“With Race Formula 88 you get exactly what you pay for; a no BS tipping service with an 88% strike for consistent daily wins. Since signing up, I’ve made a whopping £78,177 which is more than enough for an early retirement. Now I can finally start enjoying life!”

Terry Pratt, Yorkshire.

My name is Dave Price and I’ve been making a full time income from betting for more than a decade. The Race Formula 88 team as we are known today came together in early 2013 and we had established our highly successful method later that year and not a lot has changed since then.

One for the reasons for our continued success is that we kept our team small. We are the same three chaps today – myself, Mark Sears and Ryan Simmons – as we were six years ago, and that’s why our profits have been consistent.

Too often nowadays you see ‘tipping organisations’ cropping up with large teams in double figures and that is a recipe for disaster. When you have anymore than a handful of core teammembers in a business such as this, you never know who is tipping off the bookies.

The greedy bookmakers want nothing more than to know what’s going on behind our closed doors and they’re willing to pay a hefty sum for information. At large tipping companies, there is almost always a spy or two.

Then, once the bookies is one step ahead of the game, everything falls apart.

That’s why in the past you’ve perhaps seen tipsters with impressive past results but then they fail to deliver on their promises. The bookies tripped them up.

At Race Formula 88 HQ, we do things differently. I trust Mark and Ryan more than a trust my own family, and I know that neither a one of them would speak to the filthy bookies, not even for £10 million!

But another of my ramblings. Here’s what you’re really interested in…

The Race Formula 88 Method
We keep thorough records of horse racing data, new and historic. This data includes horses’ breed, weight, height, past race times, prior health conditions, who trained them and where, as well as other vital info. We also store data about jockeys, race tracks and how each of these variables are affected by which weather conditions – which we’ll update hourly.
We then feed all of this data into a state of the art computer program and the result has been horse racing selections with an 88% strike rate. (Hence the name, Race Formula 88!)

And with results like that you’ll never have a losing week!

In summary, what we do at
Race Formula 88 is as follows…

We continue to add to our body of historical race data. (Even ‘ancient’ data of retired jockeys and dead horses can tell us how a certain breed of horse or type of rider will fair in certain conditions).
We run this information through the computer, along with up-to-the-minute weather updates and horse health reports.
The computer makes its final selections.
The final, fully verified race selections are then sent to YOU.
We continue to add to our modern data in order to obtain vital insights.
This information is then ran alongside current odds at the bookies.
Those selections are then checked by us for any anomalies.

As you can see, we (or rather, the computer) has done all of the sums and analysis for you. All you have to do is get those bets on and you’re in the money.

And profiting should take you less than 10 minutes each day. You can click a few buttons on the train to work, while you’re watching tele or while you’re tucked up in bed!

It doesn't matter how busy you are. I promise you have time to make a quick and easy £3,500 this week with Race Formula 88.

There is no other way to make so much money so quickly and easily without breaking the law.

Race Formula 88 is changing the face of betting.

Over the years, the media have gotten wind of our record breaking profits and reached out for an interview but we’ve always declined. We wanted to stay under the radar. We didn’t want other punters trying to mimic our method.

But recently, we’ve had a change of heart.

It’s been over five years since we fine-tuned and refined our method and since then we’ve bought our sports cars, our mansions, our shiny new goods and been on more 5* luxury vacations then you can imagine. Now we want to help others by letting them experience what it’s like to live the highlife.

And with daily race selections from Race Formula 88, your whole world will be turned upside down!
And all it’s going to cost you for lifetime access to our winning picks is a small, one-time fee of just £29.99.
That’s it!

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Smart, successful people will join Race Formula 88 today and make £3,500+ this week!

To your success,

Dave Price

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Sign Up NOW for Just £29.99 (and no repeat payments!)
Payment taken securely via credit card or PayPal
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